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Software Engineering

Software Engineering Gintec verfügt über 15 Jahre Erfahrung in der klassischen Software-Entwicklung… [more]

Software Engineering Software Engineering

Engineering Services

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Engineering Services Engineering Services

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Project Management

Projects are subject to constant change processes. This causes intransparencies combined with a myriad of unstructured information fragments. As a consequence, professional change management is indispensable. GINTEC can assist you in staying on top of things by supporting you with a professional change management. Our strength in the area of project management is the implementation of a cross-divisional approach for configuration management, quality assurance, technological consulting and, of course, change management.

Software Engineering

GINTEC is an experienced partner for software product life cycle management. The core competency of the company is in requirements management, in change management as well as in configuration management. Our specialists in the area of software engineering accompany your project and implement a professional requirements management. By standardising the identification and documentation of all requirements, you will achieve high customer satisfaction and full traceability of all requirements in the product documentation. We place special importance in the systematic monitoring of requirement changes by using integrated change management processes. Thanks to the support of professional change management systems, we form the systematic basis for agile software development. You will profit from our software products in your quality assurance.

We provide independent consultants for your requirements management and change management as well as for all linked processes, from configuration management, test management, quality management and software development.