Risk management, which in the past was predominantly used in the financial world, has become an important success factor for large-scale projects. We will gladly assist you in systemising the risk management processes for your projects. We recommend JIRA/GS as the tool of choice. If required, we can also utilise any other tool in use by your company. This means:

  • More transparency with regards to the basic assumptions and requirements of the project
  • Improved documentation of the factual situation and the decision basis
  • Faster decision-making
  • Increasingly better basis for decision making in general

Project Classification

The classification of the project enables a parameterisation of the risk management with relation to project size and complexity.

Risk Identification

Cascading menus simplify the identification of the risks on hand based on the predefined risk classification.

Aggregation of Risks and Actions

Documented links show the dependencies between risks and risk-reducing actions.


The integrated, workflow-controlled process management of JIRA enables the monitoring of risks and risk-reducing actions.


The graphical representation of the risk portfolio and a specific risk reporting simplify the control.

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