The market-leading solutions of the Australian company Atlassian provide you with full digital support in your business processes and your task and knowledge management. The project management system Jira and Confluence Enterprise Wiki are the heart of the successful product family. Both products were originally developed to improve the collaboration in software development teams. In the meantime though, they are being used by countless companies worldwide to simplify internal processes, to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and to optimise cooperation. Thanks to a professional configuration, cross-product integration and individual extensions with apps, the Atlassian products offer the ideal software platform for your processes and IT landscape. For the implementation of complex projects with Atlassian Jira and Confluence, we provide you with highly qualified consultants with extensive experience in planning, analysis, design and implementation of the topics project management, process management, knowledge management, digital transformation and change management.


Confluence provides you with a central platform in the company where all employees of a team can exchange ideas and access documents at the same time. Access authorisations and versioning enable you to make specific changes and create joint final versions.

Jira Core and Jira

Jira Core is a tool that enables significant improvement in time, resources and costs of each project by increasing transparency and active project controlling. Workflows are documented and offer the possibility to make all activities in the project transparent.

The Jira software makes it possible to systematically record, evaluate and to track changes so that they do not endanger the success of a project. Projects are supported with recognised best practices. Companies thus achieve:

Jira Change Management Process

Three types of changes:

The standard change process is divided into minor changes and major changes. Minor and major changes differ principally in the risk assessment and in the weighting of the impact of the proposed change. From this, lead times and processing times are derived. The change starts with the change request by the customer. The customer must indicate the description of the change request, the latest point in time for implementing the change and the reason for the change. Based on this data, the service manager creates a change plan. If important information is missing, the service manager will obtain it from the customer. Once the planned changes have been approved by the customer, the planned measures are carried out.

Jira Service Desk

is a service management solution that IT and IT service teams can use to structure and automate the IT support process.

Gintec Atlassian Service Desk


is used for the integration and deployment of the software and for the release management (or delivery also).


is a repository for softare configuration management and is based on the open software tool GIT.

Problem Management

Gintec provides the following for you:

The Gintec Atlassian customer service is managed by an experienced project manager (GPM certificate level 3). The analysts and service staff have the following skills and experience:

Gintec has developed its own problem management process derived from ITIL and based on years of experience and a wide range of lessons learned in the provision of IT services.

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